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Circle & Luck Couple Bracelet: A Magical Touch And Distance Bond

It is a known fact that distance makes couples go crazy. So why not get your loved one a Circle and Luck bond touch Bracelet? Our bracelets come with an elegant touch interface feature, allowing you to communicate with your loved one in another part of the world through a single tap.

These bracelets are bond touch accessories that let your loved ones know you miss them regardless of how far away they are.


One tap on the sensor will light up causing someone you love to know that you miss them. The bracelets are compatible with iOS & Android via Bluetooth making them the perfect gift for your long-distance lover!

It’s an amazing accessory to wear every day. It’s perfect for those who are traveling a lot or spending time away from their loved ones. Circle & Luck designed the bracelets to also be worn as a pendant to a necklace.

Sound appealing? Order yours today!